The Great Windows Phone Migration pt. 1


It has been one week since I migrated from Android to Windows Phone 7. I was a reasonably satisfied Android user for the last 2.5+ years, from version 1.6 to 4.0 on the HTC Hero and HTC Desire HD, but I decided to move away due to the following reasons:

  • I really wanted an HTC One X, but after being burned twice by HTC's release and forget update policy I vowed never to get an HTC phone again.
  • Stock Android is ugly as sin (yes even 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). HTC Sense is quite nice but see above point. MIUI Android is an amazing ROM, but I would like a more officially supported OS.
  • Android is not as polished as it should be. Still stutters on occasion, still get odd bugs, still feels very wild wild west. You shouldn't have to flash a custom ROM to improve performance and stability.
  • Just plain bored with it and wanted a new phone :)

After researching the many limitations of Windows Phone 7, I decided to accept its short comings and go with the Nokia Lumia 800 for the following reasons:

  • The Lumia 800 looks and feels great.
  • The Windows Phone 7 interface looks nice, consistent, smooth and easy to use.
  • Phones currently have similar hardware specifications so you can expect to avoid application fragmentation and get OS updates shortly after release and not 6+ months (if at all) like on Android.
  • Application development appears to be a pleasant experience. You can use C# and don't have to use a god-awful language like Objective-C or deal with the the dreadful Android UI designer. You also don't have to worry about obscure screen resolutions and all the other software and hardware combinations.

Some people have also told me that I should have waited a few weeks and gotten the Nokia 900 or even the Samsung Galaxy S III. But I didn't want to sign another 2-year contract and especially not with Starhub (so many annoying and ridiculous experiences with them). The Nokia Lumia 800 was actually quite reasonable to buy without a contract. I ended up paying $490 SGD from Shavy (adix82) at Mobile Hardware, Burlington Square, Singapore. He seems to be a trustworthy seller and was helpful, friendly and not pushy. A much better experience than getting harassed by a rude, cheating Ah Beng at Sim Lim Square.

So in the upcoming posts I will look at the gaps between Android and Windows Phone 7 which I find to be personally relevant.