Mac Access SVN on Windows Network Share

I have been using my new Mac for five days, so far I find it a bit annoying :)
This took me a bit of time to figure out so I will share it.
I have my project stored in SVN and was previously using TortoiseSVN to maintain it. I want to keep my the repository where it is on my Windows PC's file system (did not want to set up an http SVN server) and access it from my Mac, the problem was that I couldn't figure out the correct path to use.
First you need to mount the network drive (command+k from finder), then you can access it via:
I was incorrectly trying to access it via the IP address using the Windows way of accessing a network share, but it must be done via a mounted volume.

Update: It seems like the above works for checking out but does not work for committing:
Can't get exclusive lock on file '/Volumes/Repositories/Simple Review/db/txn-current-lock': Operation not supported
Looking for workaround...

Update 2: There didn't seem to be a solution to the file locking problem so I ended up installing VisualSNV Server. All I needed to do was use the management interface to add the users and copy/move my existing repositories into the VisualSVN repository folder (you may be able to point to your existing repository during installation but I didn't want to risk it).