Mac Woes

Contrary to Apple personally (...kind of) telling me that Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the easiest to use, most secure and stable operating system in the history of science, I have found it to be somewhat of the opposite and have had a few small issues as well as a huge one in the space of three weeks.

Mac OS does render fonts differently from Windows and I do find that windows produces crisper fonts, but I was getting some seriously blurry text on my HP w2228h 1680x1050 monitor.

On the left you can see a screenshot from a friends Mac and on the right you can see a screenshot from my Mac. Notice that the fonts on the right are bolder. This bolder font actually looks ok on this screenshot, but when you start browsing the web and visiting pages with bigger/smaller fonts and with dark backgrounds the fonts become too bold and very blurry.
I tried this fix, but it did not work for me. Just to be sure that it wasn't an issue with the DVI cable I installed Windows 7 via bootcamp and it looked crisp.

I cannot consistently connect to Linux or Windows PCs on the network using hostnames, the majority of the time the hostname cannot be found and I have to connect via IP address.

The big issue I had was with Bluetooth. I bought some A2DP headphones last week which worked reasonably well (save that for another post) and then a few days later they just stopped. I could still connect to them but whenever I started to play music I would be prompted with a warning that the Bluetooth device had stopped working. Even worse was that it stopped Wifi internet access and crashed the AirPort (Mac Wifi card) - I could turn the AirPort off but it would not turn back on. The fantastic Wifi analyzer said the Wifi channels were clear, but I thought it could still be picking up some interference so I tried moving things around and changing the wireless channel but it still crashed. Even though a bad device should not bring down the entire subsystem I checked that the headphones were not faulty, they worked fine on my HTC Hero and a Windows 7 netbook. I also tried transferring files over Bluetooth and again it crashed the AirPort, but if I turned the AirPort off it would be fine.
The next step was to try and see if the Mac Mini had a hardware fault. I booted into Window 7 and transferred 100 MBs worth of files while browsing the net without any issues.
I then booted back into OS X and tried to remove all the Bluetooth connections and preferences and I also tried creating a new user, but neither worked.

Last Resort: I did a clean install of Snow Leopard 10.6 and amazingly all three problems are now gone. The fonts still don't appear to be as sharp as on Windows but they are far less blurry and are not bold by default.
I can connect to other PCs on the network via hostname, only time will tell how consistent this is.
So far the headphones are working well (possibly better than before) and I will be giving them a good thrashing and hoping that they stay that way.
I am very glad that it appears to have been a software problem rather than a hardware one, I will not be updating to 10.6.2 anytime soon!