HTC Hero 2.1 Update ... Finally

Finally those slackers at HTC have released an Android version 2.1 update for the Hero. I don't know what the hold up was as more competent developers have had 2.1 versions out for many months. Personally I gave up waiting a few weeks ago and installed VillainRom and will no doubt be running a 2.2 version soon. For those already running 2.1 but want to switch to the official version check out this post.

I have been using HTC smart phones since 2004 but their lack of support for the Hero (former flagship device and for a lot of regions less than one year old) has got me advising people not to purchase HTC devices and my next device will probably be a Motorola. HTC needs to focus on not releasing 20 Android devices a year and start supporting their customers who are locked into the standard 24 month contract.