D-Link DIR-300 and DD-WRT

A while ago I replaced my D-Link DIR-300 Wireless G Router with a Belkin N Wireless Router. The DIR-300 was stuck in G speeds and it required a reboot every other week, so I read some reviews and the Belkin N seemed like a decent upgrade.

Unfortunately the Belkin turned out to be even more unstable and recently I have found myself having to reboot it multiple times per week. Xbox Live usually kills the router after 30 minutes or so of playing online - I have tried UPnP, manual port forwarding and putting the Xbox in the DMZ with little luck.

The other day I got sick of plugging the Xbox directly into the cable modem, so I decided to try putting the dd-wrt custom firmware onto the dust collecting DIR-300. The whole process of installing dd-wrt is easy and in a few minutes you can turn your throw away router into one that's features rivals those two hundred dollar ones.

It is still early days but I haven't had to reboot it yet and it seems to handle Xbox Live with no problems.