Kinect Setup

Got an Xbox 360 Kinect the other day. Pretty wicked device, especially little things like picking up that you are wearing a gold wedding ring and it puts it on your in game character. The only bad thing about it (so far) is that it requires a lot of room (up to 2 metres), something which those of us living in apartments struggle to find. Fortunately you can get some extra distance by mounting it on top of your TV, unfortunately a mounted stand does not come with the device and the official one is expensive and currently unavailable. There are some elegant solutions available like buying a generic GPS/iPod car mount, as well as some more cruder options as discussed below.

I fashioned together a stand using a shoes box (womens as they are narrower) and some packing tape. Very crude but it works quite well. My TV has a swivel base so I can face it down the long end of the lounge. Having the Kinect on top of the TV gives me an extra 0.5 meters or so, which actually means I have too much room now as the optimal distance now conflicts with the end of my couch rather than just behind it. The wife hates it, so I will probably create a black cloth cover or look for a generic car mount.

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