Cold Brewin'

My coffee dude put me on to cold brewing coffee a while back. I was using my existing French press for a while but have since upgraded to a Hairo mizudashi coffee pot. This contraption is fairly decent and is easier to clean than a French press. I add around 50g of coffee to 600ml of cold water and leave it in the fridge for 12+ hours. When ready to consume, I add one part cold brew coffee to two parts water. One brew will normally last me at least two days and results in a net loss of preparation and cleaning time and a net gain in taste and satisfaction—at the office it also means I don't need to get annoyed at the guy that didn't fill up the water tank or empty the grounds. So it is very much a win-win situation.

Right now I am experimenting with a new line of fresh mint coffee cold brews. A very exciting time to be a alive.