Asus UL20FT Windows 8

Windows 8 runs quite well on the Asus UL20FT. Upgrading from Windows 7 worked well enough apart from my Asus factory setup had two partitions and the main partition was almost out of space. Being unable to extend the pimary partition, I decided to do a clean install of Windows 8 onto a single partition.

Windows 8 comes with all the drivers you need (including the Bluetooth and Intel HD graphics software) and all the important stuff seems to work. Unfortunetly, some of the keyboard shortcuts don't work e.g. volume +/- and Power4Gear. It is also unfortunate that the Asus UL20FT support page lists around 40 downloads and none of them have a description about what they actually do and what you need to install on a clean system. You don't actually need most of these downloads and a lot of theme are out of date. Below is a minimal list of things that I installed and what they appear to do:

  • Chipset\Intel INF Update Driver this appear to expose-information about the system (install drivers). I needed to install this to get the CPU turbo mode to appear in Power4Gear.
  • Audio\Realtek SRS Audio Driver installs the control panel for SRS premium sounds. Not really needed but might come in handy.
  • Card Reader\Multi-Card Reader Driver didn't try reading an SD card before installing this. But it definitely works after installing it.
  • TouchPad\Synaptics TOUCHPAD driver do not install this as everytime you login and go to your desktop you will get multiple prompts about running as an administration. Instead I installed the drivers directly from Synaptics. This version comes with Scrybe Gesture which doesn't seem to work, so you can uninstall Scybe from the control panel.
  • Utilities\Power4Gear Hybrid Utility not really needed, but I enjoy using the keyboard shortcut to quickly switch between power schemes.
  • Utilities\ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities is meant to make the keyboard shortcuts work, but I needed to install the below as well.
  • Others\Keyboard Device Filter Utility in combination with the above, this seems to enable all of the keyboard shortcuts.

Doesn't seem to be needed but I installed them anyway:

  • Wireless\Intel(R) 1000 WiFi Wireless LAN Driver & Intel(R) 6250 WiFi Wireless LAN Driver I was ocassionaly getting some limited connectivity warnings with my WiFi. Not sure if it is due to my ISP router or Windows 8, so I have just installed these to see if they fix it. The wireless adaptor appears as a Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter, so I am not sure why what this driver is meant to do.
  • Others\Intel(R)_Management_Engine_Interface The IntelĀ® ME software components that need to be installed depend on the system's specific hardware and firmware features. The installer detects the system's capabilities and installs the relevant drivers and applications. This seems to install some drivers for remote management and I think I will end up un-installing this.