Cased Raspberry Pi

Jumped on the Raspberry Pi bandwagon and got an officially cased Pi plus Raspbian pre-installed on a 4 GB SD card. I was under the impression that the Pi was very picky with chargers and SD cards (specially fast and larger ones), but it seems to work fine with an old Motorola wireless headset charger and a Kingmax 16 GB class 10 micro SD that I had lying about collecting dust.

Currently just using Raspbmc as the media distro which runs better than expected. Before the Pi I was trialling using an old Motorola Droid RAZR with XBMC, but playback is a bit slow without hardware decoding. Also the Android version doesn't seem to render XBMC in 1080p over HDMI for some reason. It would be nice to get the RAZR working one day as it is smaller, the CPU (and probably GPU) is a lot faster and has WiFi and Bluetooth. With such features you can run a few modern MAME games and use a Bluetooth controller. The ultimate goal of the Pi/RAZR would be to replace the current old bulky P4 that I am currently using in my MAME setup and hook the GPIO to the coin counter.